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State agencies to identify alternative health care providers.

Each of the agencies listed in *RCW 70.14.010, with the exception of the department of labor and industries, which expends more than five hundred thousand dollars annually of state funds for purchase of health care shall identify the availability and costs of nonfee for service providers of health care, including preferred provider organizations, health maintenance organizations, managed health care or case management systems, or other nonfee for service alternatives. In each case where feasible in which an alternative health care provider arrangement, of similar scope and quality, is available at lower cost than fee-for-service providers, such state agencies shall make the services of the alternative provider available to clients, consumers, or employees for whom state dollars are spent to purchase health care. As consistent with other state and federal law, requirements for copayments, deductibles, the scope of available services, or other incentives shall be used to encourage clients, consumers, or employees to use the lowest cost providers, except that copayments or deductibles shall not be required where they might have the impact of denying access to necessary health care in a timely manner.


*Reviser's note: RCW 70.14.010 was repealed by 1988 c 107 § 35, effective October 1, 1988.
Medical assistanceAgreements with managed health care systems: RCW 74.09.522.
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