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Correction of a violation or deficiencyNot included in a home's reportCriteria.

(1) If during an inspection, reinspection, or complaint investigation by the department, an adult family home corrects a violation or deficiency that the department discovers, the department shall record and consider such violation or deficiency for purposes of the home's compliance history; however, the licensor or complaint investigator may not include in the home's report the violation or deficiency if the violation or deficiency:
(a) Is corrected to the satisfaction of the department prior to the exit conference;
(b) Is not recurring; and
(c) Did not pose a significant risk of harm or actual harm to a resident.
(2) For the purposes of this section, "recurring" means that the violation or deficiency was found under the same regulation or statute in one of the two most recent preceding inspections, reinspections, or complaint investigations.
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