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(1) During inspections of an adult family home, the department shall have access and authority to examine areas and articles in the home used to provide care or support to residents, including residents' records, accounts, and the physical premises, including the buildings, grounds, and equipment. The personal records of the provider are not subject to department inspection nor is the separate bedroom of the provider, not used in direct care of a client, subject to review. The department may inspect all rooms during the initial licensing of the home. However, during a complaint investigation, the department shall have access to the entire premises and all pertinent records when necessary to conduct official business. The department also shall have the authority to interview the provider and residents of an adult family home.
(2) Whenever an inspection is conducted, the department shall prepare a written report that summarizes all information obtained during the inspection, and if the home is in violation of this chapter, serve a copy of the inspection report upon the provider at the same time as a notice of violation. This notice shall be mailed to the provider within ten working days of the completion of the inspection process. If the home is not in violation of this chapter, a copy of the inspection report shall be mailed to the provider within ten calendar days of the inspection of the home. All inspection reports shall be made available to the public at the department during business hours.
(3) The provider shall develop corrective measures for any violations found by the department's inspection. The department shall upon request provide consultation and technical assistance to assist the provider in developing effective corrective measures. The department shall include a statement of the provider's corrective measures in the department's inspection report.


Conflict with federal requirementsSeverabilityEffective date1995 1st sp.s. c 18: See notes following RCW 74.39A.030.
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