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Bill of rightsBilling statements.

(1) An in-home services agency shall provide each individual or designated representative with a written bill of rights affirming each individual's right to:
(a) A listing of the in-home services offered by the in-home services agency and those being provided;
(b) The name of the individual supervising the care and the manner in which that individual may be contacted;
(c) A description of the process for submitting and addressing complaints;
(d) Submit complaints without retaliation and to have the complaint addressed by the agency;
(e) Be informed of the state complaint hotline number;
(f) A statement advising the individual or representative of the right to ongoing participation in the development of the plan of care;
(g) A statement providing that the individual or representative is entitled to information regarding access to the department's listing of providers and to select any licensee to provide care, subject to the individual's reimbursement mechanism or other relevant contractual obligations;
(h) Be treated with courtesy, respect, privacy, and freedom from abuse and discrimination;
(i) Refuse treatment or services;
(j) Have property treated with respect;
(k) Privacy of personal information and confidentiality of health care records;
(l) Be cared for by properly trained staff with coordination of services;
(m) A fully itemized billing statement upon request, including the date of each service and the charge. Licensees providing services through a managed care plan shall not be required to provide itemized billing statements; and
(n) Be informed about advanced directives and the agency's responsibility to implement them.
(2) An in-home services agency shall ensure rights under this section are implemented and updated as appropriate.


Effective date2000 c 175: See note following RCW 70.127.010.
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