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Technical assistance grant for county plans.

(1) A county or group of counties may apply to the department for a technical assistance grant to develop a comprehensive county plan for dealing with domestic violence. The county authority may contract with a local nonprofit entity to develop the plan.
(2) County comprehensive plans shall be developed in consultation with the department, domestic violence programs, schools, law enforcement, and health care, legal, and social service providers that provide services to persons affected by domestic violence.
(3) County comprehensive plans shall be based on the following principles:
(a) The safety of the victim is primary;
(b) The community needs to be well-educated about domestic violence;
(c) Those who want to and who should intervene need to know how to do so effectively;
(d) Adequate services, both crisis and long-term support, should exist throughout all parts of the county;
(e) Police and courts should hold the batterer accountable for his or her crimes;
(f) Treatment for batterers should be provided by qualified counselors; and
(g) Coordination teams are needed to ensure that the system continues to work over the coming decades.
(4) County comprehensive plans shall provide for the following:
(a) Public education about domestic violence;
(b) Training for professionals on how to recognize domestic violence and assist those affected by it;
(c) Development of protocols among agencies so that professionals respond to domestic violence in an effective, consistent manner;
(d) Development of services to victims of domestic violence and their families, including shelters, safe homes, transitional housing, community and legal advocates, and children's services; and
(e) Local and regional teams to oversee implementation of the system, ensure that efforts continue over the years, and assist with day-to-day and systemwide coordination.


Finding1991 c 301: See note following RCW 10.99.020.
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