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Provisionally qualified local health officersAppointmentTermRequirements.

A person holding a license required by RCW 70.05.050 but not meeting any of the requirements for qualification prescribed by RCW 70.05.051 may be appointed by the board or official responsible for appointing the local health officer under RCW 70.05.050 as a provisionally qualified local health officer for a maximum period of three years upon the following conditions and in accordance with the following procedures:
(1) He or she shall participate in an in-service orientation to the field of public health as provided in RCW 70.05.054, and
(2) He or she shall satisfy the secretary of health pursuant to the periodic interviews prescribed by RCW 70.05.055 that he or she has successfully completed such in-service orientation and is conducting such program of good health practices as may be required by the jurisdictional area concerned.
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