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Compliance review document confidentialityExceptions.

RCW 7.88.020 does not:
(1) Limit the discovery or admissibility in any civil action of any documents that are not compliance review documents;
(2) Limit the discovery or admissibility of the testimony as to the identity of relevant witnesses or the identification of any relevant documents other than compliance review documents;
(3) Apply if the financial institution or affiliate expressly waives the privilege in writing;
(4) Apply if a compliance review document or matters learned in connection with a compliance review are voluntarily disclosed, but only to the extent of that disclosure, to a nonaffiliated third party other than a federal or state regulatory agency or legal counsel for or independent auditors of the financial institution or affiliate; or
(5) Apply to any information required by statute, rule, or federal regulation to be maintained by or provided to a governmental agency while the information is in the possession of the agency, to the extent applicable law authorizes its disclosure.
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