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Actions by health care peer review bodyExclusive remedy.

(1) If the limitation on damages under RCW 7.71.020 and P.L. 99-660 Sec. 411(a)(1) does not apply, this section shall provide the exclusive remedies in any lawsuit by a health care provider for any action taken by a professional peer review body of health care providers as defined in RCW 7.70.020.
(2) Remedies shall be limited to appropriate injunctive relief, and damages shall be allowed only for lost earnings directly attributable to the action taken by the professional peer review body, incurred between the date of such action and the date the action is functionally reversed by the professional peer review body.
(3) Reasonable attorneys' fees and costs shall be awarded if approved by the court under RCW 7.71.035.
(4) The statute of limitations for actions under this section shall be one year from the date of the action of the professional peer review body.
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