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Testimony—Videotaped depositions.

(1) The prosecutor or defense may file a motion with the court at any time prior to commencement of the trial for an order authorizing the taking of a videotape deposition for the purpose of preserving the direct testimony of the moving party's witness if that witness is a dependent person.
(2) The court may grant the motion if the moving party shows that it is likely that the dependent person will be unavailable to testify at a subsequent trial. The court's finding shall be based upon, at a minimum, recommendations from the dependent person's physician or any other person having direct contact with the dependent person and whose recommendations are based on specific behavioral indicators exhibited by the dependent person.
(3) The moving party shall provide reasonable written notice to the other party of the motion and order, if granted, pursuant to superior court criminal rules for depositions.
(4) Both parties shall have an opportunity to be present at the deposition and the nonmoving party shall have the opportunity to cross-examine the dependent person.
(5) Under circumstances permitted by the rules of evidence, the deposition may be introduced as evidence in a subsequent proceeding if the dependent person is unavailable at trial and both the prosecutor and the defendant had notice of and an opportunity to participate in the taking of the deposition.
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