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Medical examinationsRefusal to submitTravel expensesCompensation for time lost.

(1) Any victim eligible to receive any benefits or claiming such under this title shall, if requested by the department submit himself or herself for medical examination, at a time and from time to time, at a place reasonably convenient for the victim as may be provided by the rules of the department. An injured victim, whether an alien or other injured victim, who is not residing in the United States at the time that a medical examination is requested may be required to submit to an examination at any location in the United States determined by the department.
(2) If the victim refuses to submit to medical examination, or obstructs the same, or, if any injured victim shall persist in unsanitary or injurious practices which tend to imperil or retard his or her recovery, or shall refuse to submit to such medical or surgical treatment as is reasonably essential to his or her recovery does not cooperate in reasonable efforts at such rehabilitation, the department may suspend any further action on any claim of such victim so long as such refusal, obstruction, noncooperation, or practice continues and thus, the department may reduce, suspend, or deny any compensation for such period. The department may not suspend any further action on any claim of a victim or reduce, suspend, or deny any compensation if a victim has good cause for refusing to submit to or to obstruct any examination, evaluation, treatment, or practice requested by the department or required under this section.
(3) If the victim necessarily incurs traveling expenses in attending the examination pursuant to the request of the department, such traveling expenses shall be repaid to him or her upon proper voucher and audit.
(4) If the medical examination required by this section causes the victim to be absent from his or her work without pay, the victim shall be paid compensation in an amount equal to his or her usual wages for the time lost from work while attending the medical examination when the victim is insured by the department.


IntentRetroactive applicationEffective date2011 c 346: See notes following RCW 7.68.020.
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