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The action provided for in RCW 7.43.010 shall be brought in the superior court in the county in which the property is located. Such action shall be commenced by the filing of a complaint alleging the facts constituting the nuisance.
Any complaint filed under this chapter shall be verified or accompanied by affidavit. For purposes of showing that the owner or his or her agent has had an opportunity to abate the nuisance, the affidavit shall contain a description of all attempts by the applicant to notify and locate the owner of the property or the owner's agent.
In addition, the affidavit shall describe in detail the adverse impact associated with the property on the surrounding neighborhood. "Adverse impact" includes, but is not limited to, the following: Any search warrants served on the property where controlled substances were seized; investigative purchases of controlled substances on or near the property by law enforcement or their agents; arrests of persons who frequent the property for violation of controlled substances laws; increased volume of traffic associated with the property; and the number of complaints made to law enforcement of illegal activity associated with the property.
After filing the complaint, the court shall grant a hearing within three business days after the filing.
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