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Full ordersExtreme risk protection orders.

(1) An extreme risk protection order issued after notice and a hearing must include:
(a) A statement of the grounds supporting the issuance of the order;
(b) The date and time the order was issued;
(c) The date and time the order expires;
(d) Whether a behavioral health evaluation of the respondent is required;
(e) The address of the court in which any responsive pleading should be filed;
(f) A description of the requirements for the surrender of firearms under RCW 7.105.340; and
(g) The following statement: "To the subject of this protection order: This order will last until the date and time noted above. If you have not done so already, you must surrender to the (insert name of local law enforcement agency) all firearms in your custody, control, or possession, and any concealed pistol license issued to you under RCW 9.41.070 immediately. You may not have in your custody or control, access, possess, purchase, receive, or attempt to purchase or receive, a firearm, or a concealed pistol license, while this order is in effect. You have the right to request one hearing to terminate this order every 12-month period that this order is in effect, starting from the date of this order and continuing through any renewals. You may seek the advice of an attorney as to any matter connected with this order."
(2) When the court issues an extreme risk protection order, the court shall inform the respondent that the respondent is entitled to request termination of the order in the manner prescribed by RCW 7.105.505. The court shall provide the respondent with a form to request a termination hearing.


Effective date2022 c 268; 2021 c 215: See note following RCW 7.105.900.
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