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Recovery of costs by county, city, or townAssessment.

Except in circumstances governed by RCW 7.100.040 (6) and (7), if, after issuance of a notice pursuant to RCW 7.100.020, 7.100.030(2)(b), or 7.100.060, a nuisance has not been abated within the time prescribed by local ordinance and the county, city, or town has exercised its authority under chapter 7.48 RCW, RCW 35.22.280, 35.23.440, 35.27.410, 36.32.120, or any other applicable law to abate the nuisance, the county, city, or town may recover its costs by levying an assessment on the real property on which the nuisance is situated to reimburse the county, city, or town for the costs of abatement, excluding any associated fines or penalties. This assessment constitutes a lien against the property, and is binding upon successors in title only from the date the lien is recorded in the county in which the real property is located. This assessment is of equal rank with state, county, and municipal taxes and is assessed against the real property upon which cost was incurred unless such amount is previously paid.
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