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Qualifications, appointment, and compensation of arbitrators.

(1) The appointment of arbitrators shall be prescribed by rules adopted by the supreme court. An arbitrator must be a member of the state bar association who has been admitted to the bar for a minimum of five years or who is a retired judge.
(2)(a) A person may not serve as an arbitrator unless the person has completed a minimum of three credits of Washington state bar association approved continuing legal education credits on the professional and ethical consideration for serving as an arbitrator. A person serving as an arbitrator must file a declaration or affidavit stating or certifying to the appointing court that the person is in compliance with this section.
(b) The superior court judge or judges in any county may choose to waive the requirements of this subsection (2) for arbitrators who have acted as an arbitrator five or more times previously.
(3) The parties may stipulate to a nonlawyer arbitrator. The supreme court may prescribe by rule additional qualifications of arbitrators.
(4) Arbitrators shall be compensated in the same amount and manner as judges pro tempore of the superior court.


ApplicabilityEffective date2018 c 36: See notes following RCW 7.06.043.
Effective date1987 c 212 §§ 101 and 102: See note following RCW 7.06.020.
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