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Condemnation of misbranded packages.

Any dangerous caustic or corrosive substance in a misbranded parcel, package, or container suitable for household use, that is being sold, bartered, or exchanged, or held, displayed, or offered for sale, barter, or exchange, shall be liable to be proceeded against in any superior court within the jurisdiction of which the same is found and seized for confiscation, and if such substance is condemned as misbranded, by said court, it shall be disposed of by destruction or sale, as the court may direct; and if sold, the proceeds, less the actual costs and charges, shall be paid over to the state treasurer; but such substance shall not be sold contrary to the laws of the state: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That upon the payment of the costs of such proceedings and the execution and delivery of a good and sufficient bond to the effect that such substance will not be unlawfully sold or otherwise disposed of, the court may by order direct that such substance be delivered to the owner thereof. Such condemnation proceedings shall conform as near as may be to proceedings in the seizure, and condemnation of substances unfit for human consumption.
[ 1929 c 82 § 3; RRS § 2508-3.]
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