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The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Board" means the state liquor and cannabis board.
(2) "Cannabis" has the definition in RCW 69.50.101.
(3) "Cannabis-infused edible" has the same meaning as "cannabis-infused products" as defined in RCW 69.50.101, but limited to products intended for oral consumption.
(4) "Cannabis-infused edible processing" means processing, packaging, or making cannabis-infused edibles using cannabis, cannabis extract, or cannabis concentrates as an ingredient. The term does not include preparation of cannabis as an ingredient including, but not limited to, processing cannabis extracts or cannabis concentrates.
(5) "Cannabis processor" has the definition in RCW 69.50.101.
(6) "Department" means the department of agriculture of the state of Washington.
(7) "Director" means the director of the department.
(8) "Food" means any substance used for food or drink by any person, including ice, bottled water, and any ingredient used for components of any such substance regardless of the quantity of such component.
(9) "Food processing" means the handling or processing of any food in any manner in preparation for sale for human consumption: PROVIDED, That it shall not include fresh fruit or vegetables merely washed or trimmed while being prepared or packaged for sale in their natural state.
(10) "Food processing plant" includes but is not limited to any premises, plant, establishment, building, room, area, facilities and the appurtenances thereto, in whole or in part, where food is prepared, handled or processed in any manner for distribution or sale for resale by retail outlets, restaurants, and any such other facility selling or distributing to the ultimate consumer: PROVIDED, That, as set forth herein, establishments processing foods in any manner for resale shall be considered a food processing plant as to such processing.
(11) "Food service establishment" shall mean any fixed or mobile restaurant, coffee shop, cafeteria, short order cafe, luncheonette, grill, tearoom, sandwich shop, soda fountain, tavern, bar, cocktail lounge, night club, roadside stand, industrial-feeding establishment, retail grocery, retail food market, retail meat market, retail bakery, private, public, or nonprofit organization routinely serving food, catering kitchen, commissary or similar place in which food or drink is prepared for sale or for service on the premises or elsewhere, and any other eating or drinking establishment or operation where food is served or provided for the public with or without charge.
For the purpose of this chapter any custom cannery or processing plant where raw food products, food, or food products are processed for the owner thereof, or the food processing facilities are made available to the owners or persons in control of raw food products or food or food products for processing in any manner, shall be considered to be food processing plants.
(12) "Hemp extract" means a substance or compound intended for human ingestion that is derived from, or made by, processing hemp. The term does not include hemp seeds or hemp seed-derived ingredients that are generally recognized as safe by the United States food and drug administration.
(13) "Hemp extract certification" means a certification issued by the department to a hemp processor manufacturing hemp extract for export to other states, which certifies the hemp processor's compliance with Washington state's inspection and sanitation requirements.
(14) "Hemp processor" has same meaning as defined in RCW 15.140.020.
(15) "Person" means an individual, partnership, corporation, or association.
(16) "Sale" means selling, offering for sale, holding for sale, preparing for sale, trading, bartering, offering a gift as an inducement for sale of, and advertising for sale in any media.


Reviser's note: The definitions in this section have been alphabetized pursuant to RCW 1.08.015(2)(k).
IntentFinding2022 c 16: See note following RCW 69.50.101.
Intent2021 c 104: See note following RCW 15.140.020.
Severability1992 c 34: See note following RCW 69.07.170.
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