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Dissolution of districts.

Cemetery districts may be dissolved by a majority vote of the electors at an election called for that purpose, which shall be conducted in the same manner as provided for special elections, and no further district obligations shall thereafter be incurred, but such dissolution shall not abridge or cancel any of the outstanding obligations of the district, and the board of county commissioners shall have authority to make annual levies against the lands included within the district until the obligations of the district are fully paid. When the obligations are fully paid, any moneys remaining in the cemetery district fund and all collections of unpaid district taxes shall be transferred to the current expense fund of the county.
[ 1947 c 6 § 24; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 3778-173. Formerly RCW 68.16.240.]


Dissolution of districts: Chapter 53.48 RCW.
Dissolution of inactive special purpose districts: Chapter 36.96 RCW.
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