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Morgues authorized in counties.

The county legislative authority of each county may at its discretion provide and equip a public morgue together with suitable morgue wagon for the conveyance, receipt and proper disposition of the bodies of all deceased persons not claimed by relatives, and of all dead bodies which are by law subject to a postmortem or coroner's inquest: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That only one public morgue may be established in any county: PROVIDED FURTHER, That counties may agree to establish joint morgue facilities pursuant to chapter 39.34 RCW.
[ 1983 1st ex.s. c 16 § 19; 1917 c 90 § 1; RRS § 6040. Formerly RCW 68.12.010.]


Effective date1983 1st ex.s. c 16: See RCW 43.103.901.
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