Chapter 68.44 RCW



HTMLPDF 68.44.010Funds authorizedInvestments.
HTMLPDF 68.44.020Use and care of funds.
HTMLPDF 68.44.030Authorized investments.
HTMLPDF 68.44.060Unauthorized loansPenalty.
HTMLPDF 68.44.070Use of contributions to funds.
HTMLPDF 68.44.080Plans for careFinancing.
HTMLPDF 68.44.090Covenant to care for cemetery.
HTMLPDF 68.44.100Agreement by owner to care for plot.
HTMLPDF 68.44.110Trustees of fund.
HTMLPDF 68.44.115Trustee to file statement with boardResignation of trusteeship.
HTMLPDF 68.44.120Directors as trusteesSecretary.
HTMLPDF 68.44.130Bank or trust company as trustee.
HTMLPDF 68.44.140Compensation of trustees.
HTMLPDF 68.44.150Annual report.
HTMLPDF 68.44.160Contributions.
HTMLPDF 68.44.170Use of income from fund.
HTMLPDF 68.44.180Certain cemeteries exempt from chapter.
HTMLPDF 68.44.900Effective date1987 c 331.