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Denial, suspension, and revocation of licenses.

The director may deny an application for, or suspend or revoke, after notice and hearing, any license issued pursuant to this chapter. Such license may, however, be temporarily suspended by the director without prior notice, pending any prosecution, investigation, or hearing. A license may be suspended or revoked or an application may be denied by the director for one or more of the following reasons:
(1) Failure to account for lottery tickets received or the proceeds of the sale of lottery tickets or to file a bond if required by the director or to comply with the instructions of the director concerning the licensed activity;
(2) For any of the reasons or grounds stated in RCW 9.46.075 or violation of this chapter or the rules of the commission;
(3) Failure to file any return or report or to keep records or to pay any tax required by this chapter;
(4) Fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, or conduct prejudicial to public confidence in the state lottery;
(5) That the number of lottery tickets sold by the lottery sales agent is insufficient to meet administrative costs, or that public convenience is adequately served by other licensees;
(6) A material change, since issuance of the license with respect to any matters required to be considered by the director under RCW 67.70.070.
For the purpose of reviewing any application for a license and for considering the denial, suspension, or revocation of any license the director may consider any prior criminal conduct of the applicant or licensee and the provisions of RCW 9.95.240 and of chapter 9.96A RCW shall not apply to such cases.
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