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Power to lease all or part of facilitiesDisposition of proceeds.

The legislative body of any municipality owning or operating tourism-related facilities acquired under this chapter shall have power to lease to any municipality or person, or to contract for the use or operation by any municipality or person, of all or any part of the facilities authorized by this chapter, including but not limited to parking facilities, concession facilities of all kinds and any property or property rights appurtenant to such tourism-related facilities, for such period and under such terms and conditions and upon such rentals, fees and charges as such legislative body may determine, and may pledge all or any portion of such rentals, fees and charges and all other revenue derived from the ownership and/or operation of such facilities to pay and to secure the payment of general obligation bonds and/or revenue bonds of such municipality issued for authorized tourism-related facilities purposes.


IntentSeverability1997 c 452: See notes following RCW 67.28.080.
Savings1997 c 452: See note following RCW 67.28.181.
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