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The purposes of the live horse racing compact are to:
(1) Establish uniform requirements among the party states for the licensing of participants in live horse racing with pari-mutuel wagering, and ensure that all such participants who are licensed pursuant to the compact meet a uniform minimum standard of honesty and integrity;
(2) Facilitate the growth of the horse racing industry in each party state and nationwide by simplifying the process for licensing participants in live racing, and reduce the duplicative and costly process of separate licensing by the regulatory agency in each state that conducts live horse racing with pari-mutuel wagering;
(3) Authorize the Washington horse racing commission to participate in the live horse racing compact;
(4) Provide for participation in the live horse racing compact by officials of the party states, and permit those officials, through the compact committee established by this chapter, to enter into contracts with governmental agencies and nongovernmental persons to carry out the purposes of the live horse racing compact; and
(5) Establish the compact committee created by this chapter as an interstate governmental entity duly authorized to request and receive criminal history record information from the federal bureau of investigation and other state and local law enforcement agencies.
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