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Disposition of fees"Fair fund."

(1) All sums paid to the commission under this chapter, including those sums collected for license fees and excluding those sums collected under RCW 67.16.102 and 67.16.105(3), shall be disposed of by the commission as follows: One hundred percent thereof shall be retained by the commission for the payment of the salaries of its members, secretary, clerical, office, and other help and all expenses incurred in carrying out the provisions of this chapter. No salary, wages, expenses, or compensation of any kind shall be paid by the state in connection with the work of the commission.
(2) Any moneys collected or paid to the commission under the terms of this chapter and not expended at the close of the fiscal biennium shall be paid to the state treasurer and be placed in the fair fund created in RCW 15.76.115. The commission may, with the approval of the office of financial management, retain any sum required for working capital.


Expiration date2021 c 149: "This act expires June 30, 2023." [ 2021 c 149 § 2.]
SeverabilityEffective dateContingent effective date1998 c 345: See notes following RCW 15.04.090.
Effective dateSeverability1985 c 466: See notes following RCW 43.31.125.
Severability1985 c 146: See note following RCW 67.16.010.
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