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Theatrical wrestling schoolsWrestling shows.

(1) A theatrical wrestling school may hold wrestling shows at the school facility for training purposes and may charge an admission fee without a promoter license.
(2) A theatrical wrestling school may hold a limited number of wrestling shows for training purposes off the school premises and may charge a fee without a promoter license.
(3) Any wrestling show presented by a theatrical wrestling school must feature at least eighty percent amateur participants and must have an ambulance or paramedical unit or an emergency medical technician licensed under RCW 18.73.081 at the event location.
(4) The department must promulgate rules to implement this section.


Findings2017 c 46: "(1) The legislature finds that theatrical wrestling, like circus arts, is an art form that promotes the economic and cultural vitality of the state of Washington. Theatrical wrestling has a long history in Washington, and while large-scale professional wrestling companies have dominated the field in recent years, independent theatrical wrestling again has the potential to thrive in this state. Legislation and rule making should reflect the economic and cultural potential of theatrical wrestling.
(2) The legislature further finds that theatrical wrestling can be safe for both participants and spectators. Safety requirements aimed at more dangerous and daring forms of sport and entertainment are unduly burdensome on theatrical wrestling promoters. Additionally, it is important to adequately train the next generation of theatrical wrestlers to foster safety and skill in theatrical wrestling.
(3) The legislature finds that a theatrical wrestling school license will create opportunity for a new generation of luchadores, faces, and heels to create economic and cultural vitality in Washington. Finally, reducing the medical personnel requirement for wrestling shows will preserve the safety of participants and spectators while fostering the ability of independent theatrical wrestling promoters to build an audience in Washington and create new artistic opportunities for Washington residents.
(4) The legislature finds that Washington is ready to rumble." [ 2017 c 46 § 5.]
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