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PromotersBondMedical insurance.

(1) Every promoter, as a condition for receiving a license, shall file with the department a surety bond in an amount to be determined by the department, but not less than ten thousand dollars, to cover all of the event locations applied for within the state during the license period, conditioned upon the faithful performance by such licensee of the provisions of this chapter, the payment of the taxes, officials, and contracts as provided for herein and the observance of all rules of the department.
(2) Boxing promoters must obtain medical insurance in an amount set by the director, but not less than fifty thousand dollars, to cover any injuries incurred by participants at the time of each event held in this state and provide proof of insurance to the department seventy-two hours before each event. The evidence of insurance must specify, at a minimum, the name of the insurance company, the insurance policy number, the effective date of the coverage, and evidence that each participant is covered by the insurance. The promoter must pay any deductible associated with the insurance policy.
(3) In lieu of the insurance requirement of subsection (2) of this section, a promoter of the boxing event who so chooses may, as a condition for receiving a license under this chapter, file proof of medical insurance coverage that is in effect for the entire term of the licensing period.
(4) The department shall cancel a boxing event if the promoter fails to provide proof of medical insurance within the proper time frame.
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