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Sufficiency of description of offenses in complaints, informations, process, etc.

In describing the offense respecting the sale, or keeping for sale or other disposal, of liquor, or the having, keeping, giving, purchasing or consumption of liquor in any information, summons, conviction, warrant, or proceeding under this title, it shall be sufficient to simply state the sale, or keeping for sale or disposal, having, keeping, giving, purchasing, or consumption of liquor, without stating the name or kind of such liquor or the price thereof, or to whom it was sold or disposed of, or by whom consumed, or from whom it was purchased or received; and it shall not be necessary to state the quantity of liquor so sold, kept for sale, disposed of, had, kept, given, purchased, or consumed, except in the case of offenses where the quantity is essential, and then it shall be sufficient to allege the sale or disposal of more or less than such quantity.
[ 1933 ex.s. c 62 § 57; RRS § 7306-57.]
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