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Cash paymentsElectronic funds transfers.

(1) Nothing in this chapter prohibits the use of checks, credit or debit cards, prepaid accounts, electronic funds transfers, and other similar methods as approved by the board, as cash payments for purposes of this title. Electronic funds transfers must be: (a) Voluntary; (b) conducted pursuant to a prior written agreement of the parties that includes a provision that the purchase be initiated by an irrevocable invoice or sale order before the time of delivery; (c) initiated by the retailer, manufacturer, importer, or distributor no later than the first business day following delivery; and (d) completed as promptly as is reasonably practical, and in no event later than five business days following delivery.
(2) Any person licensed as a distributor of beer, spirits, and/or wine may pass credit card fees on to a purchaser licensed to sell beer, spirits, and/or wine for consumption on the licensed premises, if the decision to use a credit card is entirely voluntary and the credit card fees are set out as a separate line item on the distributor's invoice. Nothing in this section requires the use of a credit card by any licensee. In establishing the fees to be passed on as authorized in this section a distributor must use the same method of determining or calculating such fees for all customers who elect to use a credit card when accepting delivery of beer, spirits and/or wine. The aggregate of all credit card fees passed on to customers by a distributor as authorized under this section during a calendar month, or such longer time as may be established by the board, may not exceed the aggregate of the fees imposed on that distributor by credit card issuers during that same time period.
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