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Responsibility of breweries, microbreweries, wineries, certificate of approval holders, and importers for conduct of distributorsPenalties.

Every domestic distillery, brewery, and microbrewery, domestic winery, certificate of approval holder, licensed spirits importer, licensed wine importer, and licensed beer importer is responsible for the conduct of any licensed spirits, beer, or wine distributor in selling, or contracting to sell, to retail licensees, spirits, beer, or wine manufactured by such domestic distillery, brewery, microbrewery, domestic winery, manufacturer holding a certificate of approval, sold by an authorized representative holding a certificate of approval, or imported by such spirits, beer, or wine importer. Where the board finds that any licensed spirits, beer, or wine distributor has violated any of the provisions of this title or of the regulations of the board in selling or contracting to sell spirits, beer, or wine to retail licensees, the board may, in addition to any punishment inflicted or imposed upon such distributor, prohibit the sale of the brand or brands of spirits, beer, or wine involved in such violation to any or all retail licensees within the trade territory usually served by such distributor for such period of time as the board may fix, irrespective of whether the distiller manufacturing such spirits or the spirits importer importing such spirits, brewer manufacturing such beer or the beer importer importing such beer, or the domestic winery manufacturing such wine or the wine importer importing such wine or the certificate of approval holder manufacturing such spirits, beer, or wine or acting as authorized representative actually participated in such violation.
[ 2016 c 235 § 13; 2012 c 2 § 113 (Initiative Measure No. 1183, approved November 8, 2011); 2004 c 160 § 10; 1997 c 321 § 47; 1975 1st ex.s. c 173 § 8; 1969 ex.s. c 21 § 6; 1939 c 172 § 8 (adding new section 27-D to 1933 ex.s. c 62); RRS § 7306-27D.]


FindingApplicationRulesEffective dateContingent effective date2012 c 2 (Initiative Measure No. 1183): See notes following RCW 66.24.620.
Effective date2004 c 160: See note following RCW 66.04.010.
Effective date1997 c 321: See note following RCW 66.24.010.
SeverabilityEffective date1975 1st ex.s. c 173: See notes following RCW 66.08.050.
Effective date1969 ex.s. c 21: See note following RCW 66.04.010.
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