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Licensed distillers operating as spirits retailers/distributors.

Any distiller licensed under this title may act as a retailer and/or distributor to retailers selling for consumption on or off the licensed premises of spirits of its own production, and any manufacturer, importer, or bottler of spirits holding a certificate of approval may act as a distributor of spirits it is entitled to import into the state under such certificate. The board must by rule provide for issuance of certificates of approval to spirits suppliers. An industry member operating as a distributor and/or retailer under this section must comply with the applicable laws and rules relating to distributors and/or retailers, except that an industry member operating as a distributor under this section may maintain a warehouse off the distillery premises for the distribution of bottled spirits of its own production to spirits retailers within the state and for bottled foreign-made spirits that such distillery is entitled to distribute under this title, if the warehouse is within the United States and has been approved by the board.
[ 2017 c 229 § 2; 2012 c 2 § 206 (Initiative Measure No. 1183, approved November 8, 2011).]


FindingApplicationRulesEffective dateContingent effective date2012 c 2 (Initiative Measure No. 1183): See notes following RCW 66.24.620.
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