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Manufacturer's licenseScopeFee.

(1) There shall be a license to manufacturers of liquor, including all kinds of manufacturers except those licensed as distillers, domestic brewers, microbreweries, wineries, and domestic wineries, authorizing such licensees to manufacture, import, sell, and export liquor from the state; fee five hundred dollars per annum.
(2) Manufacturers licensed under this section may contract with licensed liquor distillers, craft distillers, domestic brewers, microbreweries, wineries, and domestic wineries to provide packaging services that include, but are not limited to:
(a) Canning, bottling, and bagging of alcoholic beverages;
(b) Mixing products before packaging; and
(c) Receiving and returning products to the originating liquor licensed businesses as part of a contract.
(3) Holders of a manufacturer's license:
(a) May contract with other nonliquor licensed businesses if the contract does not include alcohol products;
(b) May not contract directly or indirectly with any retail liquor licensee for the sale of alcohol products, unless they are medicinal, culinary, or toilet preparations not usable as beverages, as described in RCW 66.12.070;
(c) May not engage in direct liquor sales to retail liquor licensees, except for the sale of alcohol products described in RCW 66.12.070; and
(d) May not mix or infuse THC, CBD, or any other cannabinoid into any products containing alcohol.
[ 2019 c 156 § 1; 1997 c 321 § 2; 1981 1st ex.s. c 5 § 29; 1937 c 217 § 1 (23A) (adding new section 23-A to 1933 ex.s. c 62); RRS § 7306-23A.]


Effective date1997 c 321: See note following RCW 66.24.010.
Effective date1981 1st ex.s. c 5: See RCW 66.98.100.
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