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Eliminating titleLenders and conveyances.

It is the responsibility of the owner, secured parties, and others to take action as necessary to protect their respective interests in conjunction with the elimination of the title or reissuance of a previously eliminated title.
A manufactured home whose title has been eliminated shall be conveyed by deed or real estate contract and shall only be transferred together with the property to which it is affixed, unless procedures described in RCW 65.20.070 are completed.
Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to require a lender to consent to the elimination of the title of a manufactured home, or to retitling a manufactured home under RCW 65.20.070. The obligation of the lender to consent is governed solely by the agreement between the lender and the owner of the manufactured home. Absent any express written contractual obligation, a lender may withhold consent in the lender's sole discretion. In addition, the homeowner shall comply with all reasonable requirements imposed by a lender for obtaining consent, and a lender may charge a reasonable fee for processing a request for consent.
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