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Choice of newspapers.

Any summons, citation, notice of sheriff's sale, or legal advertisement of any description, the publication of which is now or may be hereafter required by law, may be published in any daily or weekly legal newspaper published in the county where the action, suit or other proceeding is pending, or is to be commenced or had, or in which such notice, summons, citation, or other legal advertisement is required to be given: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That if there be more than one legal newspaper in which any such legal notice, summons, citation or legal advertisement might lawfully be published, then the plaintiff or moving party in the action, suit or proceeding shall have the exclusive right to designate in which of such qualified newspapers such legal notice, summons, citation, notice of sheriff's sale or other legal advertisement shall be published.
[ 1941 c 213 § 6; 1921 c 99 § 5; Rem. Supp. 1941 § 253-5.]
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