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Real property conveyances to be recorded.

(1) A conveyance of real property, when acknowledged by the person executing the same (the acknowledgment being certified as required by law), may be recorded in the office of the recording officer of the county where the property is situated. Every such conveyance not so recorded is void as against any subsequent purchaser or mortgagee in good faith and for a valuable consideration from the same vendor, his or her heirs or devisees, of the same real property or any portion thereof whose conveyance is first duly recorded. An instrument is deemed recorded the minute it is filed for record.
(2) A recording officer as defined in RCW 65.08.060(4) may accept for recording under this section a tangible copy of an electronic record containing a notarial certificate as satisfying any requirement that a record accepted for recording be an original, if the notarial officer executing the notarial certificate certifies that the tangible copy is an accurate copy of the electronic record under RCW 42.45.020(3).


Effective date2019 c 154: See note following RCW 42.45.280.
RCW 65.08.070 applicable to rents and profits of real property: RCW 7.28.230.
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