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Liability of auditor for damages.

If any county auditor to whom an instrument, proved or acknowledged according to law, or any paper or notice which may by law be recorded is delivered or electronically transmitted for record: (1) Neglects or refuses to record such instrument, paper or notice, within a reasonable time after receiving the same; or (2) records any instruments, papers or notices untruly, or in any other manner than as directed in this chapter; or, (3) neglects or refuses to keep in his or her office such indexes as are required by *this act, or to make the proper entries therein; or, (4) neglects or refuses to make the searches and to give the certificate required by *this act; or if such searches or certificate are incomplete and defective in any important particular affecting the property in respect to which the search is requested; or, (5) alters, changes, or obliterates any records deposited in his or her office, or inserts any new matter therein; he or she is liable to the party aggrieved for the amount of damage which may be occasioned thereby. However, if the name or names and address hand printed, printed, or typewritten on any instrument, proved or acknowledged according to law, or on any paper or notice which may by law be filed or recorded, is or are incorrect, or misspelled or not the true name or names of the party or parties appearing thereon, the county auditor shall not, by reason of such fact, be liable for any loss or damage resulting therefrom.
[ 1996 c 229 § 6; 1965 c 134 § 1; Code 1881 § 2734; RRS § 10609.]


*Reviser's note: The language "this act" appears in Code 1881 c 211, codified herein as RCW 5.44.070, 36.16.030 through 36.16.050, 36.16.070, 36.16.080, 36.22.110 through 36.22.130, 36.22.150, 65.04.020, 65.04.030, 65.04.050 through 65.04.110, 65.04.130, and 65.04.140.
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