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Public offering statementConversion buildings.

(1) A public offering statement for a unit in a conversion building must contain, in addition to the information required under RCW 64.90.610, 64.90.615, and 64.90.655(6)(a):
(a) Either a copy of a report prepared by an independent, licensed architect or engineer or a statement by the declarant based on such report that describes, to the extent reasonably ascertainable, the present condition of all structural components and mechanical and electrical installations material to the use and enjoyment of the common interest community;
(b) A statement by the declarant or dealer of the expected useful life of each item reported on in (a) of this subsection or a statement that no representations are made in that regard;
(c) A copy of any inspection and repair report for the conversion building required under RCW 64.55.090, if applicable;
(d) A list of any outstanding notices of uncured violations of building code or other municipal ordinances and regulations, together with the estimated cost of curing those violations and a statement that such list is not a representation that the conversion building is in compliance with the current building code or other municipal ordinances and regulations;
(e) A statement of the improvements to the conversion building made or contracted for by the declarant or dealer, or affiliate of either, offering the unit for sale; and
(f) The current deficiency or surplus in reserve funding expressed on a per unit basis.
(2) The obligation to provide the information required in subsection (1) of this section as to any particular conversion building ceases on the earlier of (a) the date when all units in the building have been conveyed to persons other than the declarant or a dealer, or any affiliate of the declarant or dealer, or (b) the date set forth in RCW 64.90.605(5).
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