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Judicial termination.

(1) If substantially all the units in a common interest community have been destroyed or abandoned or are uninhabitable and the available methods for giving notice under RCW 64.90.515 of a meeting of unit owners to consider termination under RCW 64.90.290 will not likely result in receipt of the notice, the board or any other interested person may commence an action seeking to terminate the common interest community in the superior court for any county in which a portion of the common interest community is located. If any portion of the common interest community is located in a county other than the county in which the action is commenced, the person commencing the action must record a copy of the judgment in the other county.
(2) During the pendency of the action, the court may issue whatever orders it considers appropriate, including appointment of a receiver. After a hearing, the court may terminate the common interest community or reduce its size and may issue any other order the court considers to be in the best interest of the unit owners and persons holding an interest in the common interest community.
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