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Common elements and unitsAlterations.

Subject to the provisions of the governing documents and other provisions of law, a unit owner:
(1) May make any improvements or alterations to the unit owner's unit that do not impair the structural integrity or mechanical or electrical systems or lessen the support of any portion of the common interest community;
(2) May not change the appearance of the common elements without approval of the board;
(3) After acquiring an adjoining unit or an adjoining part of an adjoining unit, with approval of the board, may remove or alter any intervening partition or create apertures in the unit or adjoining unit, even if the partition in whole or in part is a common element. The removal of partitions or creation of apertures under this subsection is not an alteration of boundaries. The board must approve a unit owner's request, which must include the plans and specifications for the proposed removal or alteration, under this subsection (3) after receipt of all required information unless the proposed alteration does not comply with this section or the governing documents; and
(4) May eliminate the title to a mobile home or manufactured home within the unit as permitted under chapter 65.20 RCW without the consent or joinder by the association, any other unit owner, or any party having a security interest in any other unit or the common elements.
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