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(1) The declaration must contain:
(a) The names of the common interest community and the association and, immediately following the initial recital of the name of the community, a statement that the common interest community is a condominium, cooperative, plat community, or miscellaneous community;
(b) A legal description of the real estate included in the common interest community;
(c) A statement of the number of units that the declarant has created and, if the declarant has reserved the right to create additional units, the maximum number of such additional units;
(d) In all common interest communities, a reference to the recorded map creating the units and common elements, if any, subject to the declaration, and in a common interest community other than a plat community, the identifying number of each unit created by the declaration, a description of the boundaries of each unit if and to the extent they are different from the boundaries stated in RCW 64.90.210(1)(a), and with respect to each existing unit, and if known at the time the declaration is recorded, the (i) approximate square footage, (ii) number of whole or partial bathrooms, (iii) number of rooms designated primarily as bedrooms, and (iv) level or levels on which each unit is located. The data described in this subsection (1)(d)(ii) and (iii) may be omitted with respect to units restricted to nonresidential use;
(e) A description of any limited common elements, other than those specified in RCW 64.90.210 (1)(b) and (3);
(f) A description of any real estate that may be allocated subsequently by the declarant as limited common elements, other than limited common elements specified in RCW 64.90.210 (1)(b) and (3), together with a statement that they may be so allocated;
(g) A description of any development right and any other special declarant rights reserved by the declarant, and, if the boundaries of the real estate subject to those rights are fixed in the declaration pursuant to (h)(i) of this subsection, a description of the real property affected by those rights, and a time limit within which each of those rights must be exercised;
(h) If any development right may be exercised with respect to different parcels of real estate at different times, a statement to that effect together with:
(i) Either a statement fixing the boundaries of those portions and regulating the order in which those portions may be subjected to the exercise of each development right or a statement that no assurances are made in those regards; and
(ii) A statement as to whether, if any development right is exercised in any portion of the real estate subject to that development right, that development right must be exercised in all or in any other portion of the remainder of that real estate;
(i) Any other conditions or limitations under which the rights described in (g) of this subsection may be exercised or will lapse;
(j) An allocation to each unit of the allocated interests in the manner described in RCW 64.90.235;
(k) Any restrictions on alienation of the units, including any restrictions on leasing that exceed the restrictions on leasing units that boards may impose pursuant to RCW 64.90.510(9)(c) and on the amount for which a unit may be sold or on the amount that may be received by a unit owner on sale, condemnation, or casualty loss to the unit or to the common interest community, or on termination of the common interest community;
(l) A cross-reference by recording number to the map for the units created by the declaration;
(m) Any authorization pursuant to which the association may establish and enforce construction and design criteria and aesthetic standards as provided in RCW 64.90.505;
(n) All matters required under RCW 64.90.230, 64.90.235, 64.90.240, 64.90.275, 64.90.280, and 64.90.410;
(o) A statement on the first page of the declaration whether the common interest community is subject to this chapter.
(2) All amendments to the declaration must contain a cross-reference by recording number to the declaration and to any prior amendments to the declaration. All amendments to the declaration adding units must contain a cross-reference by recording number to the map relating to the added units and set forth all information required under subsection (1) of this section with respect to the added units.
(3) The declaration may contain any other matters the declarant considers appropriate, including any restrictions on the uses of a unit or the number or other qualifications of persons who may occupy units.
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