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Applications for registration, consents to service, affidavits, and permits to marketAuthorized signatures requiredCorporate shield disclaimer prohibited.

(1) Applications, consents to service of process, affidavits, and permits to market shall be signed by the promoter, unless a trustee or person with power of attorney is specifically authorized to make such signatures. If the signature of a person with a power of attorney or trustee is used, the filing of the signature shall include a copy of the authorizations for the signature. No promoter or other person responsible under this chapter shall disclaim responsibility because the signature of a trustee or attorney-in-fact, or other substitute was used.
(2) If the promoter is a corporation or a general partnership, each natural person therein, with a ten percent or greater interest or share in the promoter, shall, in addition to the promoter, be required to sign as required in this section, but may authorize a trustee or a person with power of attorney to make the signatures.
(3) All persons required to use or authorizing the use of their signatures in this section, individually or otherwise, shall be responsible for affidavits, applications, and permits signed, and for compliance with the provisions of this chapter. Individuals whose signatures are required under this section shall not disclaim their responsibilities because of any corporate shield.
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