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Timeshare interest reservationDefinitionRegistration requiredPromoter's obligationsDepositsEscrowPurchaser cancellation rightsInsolvency prior to completion.

(1) For the purpose of this section, "timeshare interest reservation" means a revocable right to purchase an interest in a timeshare project for which construction has not yet been completed and an effective registration has been obtained under this chapter.
(2) An effective registration pursuant to this chapter is required for any party to offer to sell a timeshare interest reservation. Promoters offering a timeshare interest reservation under this section must provide the registered disclosure document required by RCW 64.36.140 to each prospective purchaser before he or she enters into a timeshare interest reservation. Prior to the signing of a purchase agreement, the subject property or properties must be completed, the timeshare offering registration required by RCW 64.36.020 must be amended to reflect any changes to the property and must be reapproved by the department, the disclosure document required by RCW 64.36.140 must be revised, and the new version of the disclosure document must be provided to the prospective purchaser.
(3) Deposits accepted by promoters on a timeshare interest reservation may be no more than twenty percent of the total purchase price of the timeshare interest that is being purchased. Within one business day after being accepted by the promoter, any deposit on a timeshare interest reservation shall be deposited in an account in a federally insured depository located in the state of Washington. This account must be an escrow account wherein the deposited funds are held for the benefit of the purchaser. The department may request that deposits be placed in impoundment under RCW 64.36.130.
(4) In addition to the cancellation rights provided in RCW 64.36.150, the purchaser has the right to cancel the purchase at any time before the signing of a purchase agreement. If the purchaser notifies the promoter that he or she wishes to cancel the timeshare interest reservation, the promoter must refund the full amount of the deposit minus any account fees within ten days of the notice.
(5) If prior to signing a purchase agreement the purchaser learns that the promoter proposes to raise the purchase price above the price agreed to in the written reservation agreement for the timeshare interest reservation, the written reservation agreement is void and all deposit moneys including account fees shall be returned to the purchaser within ten days after the purchaser learns of the proposed price increase.
(6) If the promoter charges account fees to pay for administrative costs of holding the purchaser's funds in escrow, these fees may be no more than one percent of the total deposit paid towards the timeshare interest reservation by the purchaser.
(7) The promoter shall provide instructions to the escrow company for release of the funds to be held in escrow in compliance with this section and rules of the department.
(8) The purchaser's right to cancel and the amount of the deposit proposed to be retained for account fees in the event of cancellation must be included in the contract for the sale of a timeshare interest reservation and the contract must state:
As a purchaser of a timeshare interest reservation, you have the right to cancel this timeshare interest reservation and receive a refund of all consideration paid (less only those account fee deductions which were fully disclosed at the time of the agreement) by providing written notice of the cancellation to the promoter or the promoter's agent at any time prior to signing a purchase agreement. You also have a right to cancel your purchase within seven days of signing a purchase agreement.
(9) If it appears that the timeshare project will become or does become insolvent prior to completion, the promoter shall instruct the escrow company to immediately return all deposits to purchasers of timeshare interest reservations. If funds are returned under this subsection, the promoter may not retain any portion of the deposits for account fees.
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