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Qualified warrantyRemedy and procedureApplication of chapter 64.50 RCW.

No declarant, affiliate of a declarant, or construction professional is liable to a unit owner or an association for damages awarded for repair of construction defects and resulting physical damage, and chapter 64.50 RCW shall not apply if: (1) Every unit is the subject of a qualified warranty; and (2) the association has been issued a qualified warranty with respect to the common elements. If a construction professional agrees on terms satisfactory to the qualified insurer to partially or fully indemnify the qualified insurer with respect to a defect caused by the construction professional, the liability of the construction professional for the defect and resulting physical damage caused by him or her shall not exceed damages recoverable under the terms of the qualified warranty for the defect. Any indemnity claim by the qualified insurer shall be by separate action or arbitration, and no unit owner or association shall be joined therein. A qualified warranty may also be provided in the case of improvements made or contracted for by a declarant as part of a conversion condominium, and in such case, declarant's liability with respect to such improvements shall be limited as set forth in this section.
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