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Release of liensConveyance.

(1) At the time of the first conveyance of each unit, every mortgage, lien, or other encumbrance affecting that unit and any other unit or units or real property, other than the percentage of undivided interest of that unit in the common elements, shall be paid and satisfied of record, or the unit being conveyed and its undivided interest in the common elements shall be released therefrom by partial release duly recorded or the purchaser of that unit shall receive title insurance from a licensed title insurance company against such mortgage, lien or other encumbrance. This subsection does not apply to any real property which a declarant has the right to withdraw.
(2) Before conveying real property to the association the declarant shall have that real property released from: (a) All liens the foreclosure of which would deprive unit owners of any right of access to or easement of support of their units; and (b) all other liens on that real property unless the public offering statement describes certain real property which may be conveyed subject to liens in specified amounts.
[1989 c 43 § 4-109.]
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