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Use by declarant.

*** CHANGE IN 2024 *** (SEE 5796-S.SL) ***
A declarant may maintain sales offices, management offices, and models in units or on common elements in the condominium only if the declaration so provides and specifies the rights of a declarant with regard to the number, location, and relocation thereof. Any sales office, management office, or model not designated a unit by the declaration is a common element and, if a declarant ceases to be a unit owner, the declarant ceases to have any rights with regard thereto unless it is removed promptly from the condominium in accordance with a right to remove reserved in the declaration. Subject to any limitations in the declaration, a declarant may maintain signs on the common elements advertising the condominium. The provisions of this section are subject to the provisions of other state law and to local ordinances.
[ 1992 c 220 § 11; 1989 c 43 § 2-115.]
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