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Limited common elements.

(1) Except for the limited common elements described in RCW 64.34.204 (2) and (4), the declaration shall specify to which unit or units each limited common element is allocated.
(2) Except in the case of a reallocation being made by a declarant pursuant to a development right reserved in the declaration, a limited common element may only be reallocated between units with the approval of the board of directors and by an amendment to the declaration executed by the owners of the units to which the limited common element was and will be allocated. The board of directors shall approve the request of the owner or owners under this subsection within thirty days, or within such other period provided by the declaration, unless the proposed reallocation does not comply with this chapter or the declaration. The failure of the board of directors to act upon a request within such period shall be deemed approval thereof. The amendment shall be recorded in the names of the parties and of the condominium.
(3) Unless otherwise provided in the declaration, the owners of units to which at least sixty-seven percent of the votes are allocated, including the owner of the unit to which the limited common element will be assigned or incorporated, must agree to reallocate a common element as a limited common element or to incorporate a common element or a limited common element into an existing unit. Such reallocation or incorporation shall be reflected in an amendment to the declaration, survey map, or plans.
[ 1992 c 220 § 9; 1989 c 43 § 2-108.]
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