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Local ordinances, regulations, and building codesApplicability.

(1) A zoning, subdivision, building code, or other real property law, ordinance, or regulation may not prohibit the condominium form of ownership or impose any requirement upon a condominium which it would not impose upon a physically identical development under a different form of ownership. Otherwise, no provision of this chapter invalidates or modifies any provision of any zoning, subdivision, building code, or other real property use law, ordinance, or regulation.
(2) This section shall not prohibit a county legislative authority from requiring the review and approval of declarations and amendments thereto and termination agreements executed pursuant to RCW 64.34.268(2) by the county assessor solely for the purpose of allocating the assessed value and property taxes. The review by the assessor shall be done in a reasonable and timely manner.
[1989 c 43 § 1-106.]
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