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Destruction or damage to all or part of propertyDisposition.

If, within ninety days of the date of damage or destruction to all or part of the property it is not determined by the apartment owners to repair, reconstruct, or rebuild in accordance with the original plan, or by a unanimous vote of all apartment owners to do otherwise, then and in that event:
(1) The property shall be owned in common by the apartment owners;
(2) The undivided interest in the property owned in common which appertains to each apartment owner shall be the percentage of undivided interest previously owned by such owner in the common areas and facilities;
(3) Any mortgages or liens affecting any of the apartments shall be deemed transferred in accordance with the existing priorities to the percentage of the undivided interest of the apartment owner in the property as provided herein; and
(4) The property shall be subject to an action for partition at the suit of any apartment owner, in which event the net proceeds of sale, together with the net proceeds of the insurance of the property, if any, shall be considered as one fund; such fund shall be divided into separate shares one for each apartment owner in a percentage equal to the percentage of undivided interest owned by each such owner in the property; then, after first paying out of the respective share of each apartment owner, to the extent sufficient for the purpose, all mortgages and liens on the undivided interest in the property owned by such apartment owner, the balance remaining in each share shall then be distributed to each apartment owner respectively.
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