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Disposition of property presumed abandonedInventoryNotice.

(1) All personal property, other than money, presumed abandoned shall be destroyed unless, in the opinion of the secretary, the property may be used or has value to a charitable or nonprofit organization, in which case the property may be donated to the organization. A charitable or nonprofit organization does not have a claim nor shall the department or any employee thereof be held liable to any charitable or nonprofit organization for property which is destroyed rather than donated or for the donation of property to another charitable or nonprofit organization.
(2) Money presumed abandoned under this chapter shall be paid into the revolving fund set up in accordance with RCW 9.95.360.
(3) The department shall inventory all personal property prior to its destruction or donation.
(4) Before personal property is donated or destroyed, if the name and address of the owner thereof is known or if deceased, the address of the heirs as known, at least thirty days' notice of the donation or destruction of the personal property shall be given to the owner at the owner's residence or place of business or to some person of suitable age and discretion residing or employed therein. If the name or residence of the owner or the owner's heirs is not known, a notice of the action fixing the time and place thereof shall be published at least once in an official newspaper in the county at least thirty days prior to the date fixed for the action. The notice shall be signed by the secretary. The notice need not contain a description of property, but shall contain a general statement that the property is unclaimed personal property of inmates, specifying the institution at which the property is held. If the owner fails to reclaim the property prior to the time fixed in the notice, the property shall be donated or destroyed.


Property of deceased inmates: RCW 11.08.101, 11.08.111, and 11.08.120.
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