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Release of property to finderLimitationsPayment to governmental entityExpiration of finder's claim.

(1) The found property shall be released to the finder and become the property of the finder sixty days after the find was reported to the appropriate officer or designee if no owner has been found, or sixty days after the final disposition of any judicial or other official proceeding involving the property, whichever is later. The property shall be released only after the finder has presented evidence of payment to the treasurer of the governmental entity handling the found property, the amount of ten dollars plus the amount of the cost of publication of notice incurred by the governmental entity pursuant to RCW 63.21.010, which amount shall be deposited in the general fund of the governmental entity. If the appraised value of the property is less than the cost of publication of notice of the finding, then the finder is not required to pay any fee.
(2) When ninety days have passed after the found property was reported to the appropriate officer or designee, or ninety days after the final disposition of a judicial or other proceeding involving the found property, and the finder has not completed the requirements of this chapter, the finder's claim shall be deemed to have expired and the found property may be disposed of as unclaimed property under chapter 63.32 or 63.40 RCW. Such laws shall also apply whenever a finder states in writing that he or she has no intention of claiming the found property.


Intent2020 c 26: See note following RCW 63.21.090.
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