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Distressed home consultantFiduciary duties.

A distressed home consultant has a fiduciary relationship with the distressed homeowner, and each distressed home consultant is subject to all requirements for fiduciaries otherwise applicable under state law. A distressed home consultant's fiduciary duties include, but are not limited to, the following:
(1) To act in the distressed homeowner's best interest and in utmost good faith toward the distressed homeowner, and not compromise a distressed homeowner's right or interest in favor of another's right or interest, including a right or interest of the distressed home consultant;
(2) To disclose to the distressed homeowner all material facts of which the distressed home consultant has knowledge that might reasonably affect the distressed homeowner's rights, interests, or ability to receive the distressed homeowner's intended benefit from the residential mortgage loan;
(3) To use reasonable care in performing his or her duties; and
(4) To provide an accounting to the distressed homeowner for all money and property received from the distressed homeowner.
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