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Application of proceeds.

The moneys arising from sales made under the provisions of this chapter shall first be applied to the payment of the costs and expenses of the sale, and then to the payment of the lawful charges of the person or persons having a lien thereon for advances, freight, transportation, wharfage, or storage, for whose benefit the sale shall have been made; the surplus, if any, shall be retained subject to the future lawful charge of the person or persons for whose benefit the sale was made, upon the property of the same owner still remaining in store uncalled for, if any there be, and to the demand of the owner of the property, who shall have paid such charges or otherwise satisfied such lien, and all moneys remaining uncalled for, for the period of three months, shall be paid to the county treasurer, and shall remain in his or her hands a special fund for the benefit of the lawful claimant thereof.
[ 2012 c 117 § 156; Code 1881 § 1983; 1863 p 421 § 14; 1860 p 288 § 14; RRS § 1194.]
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